Important Dates and Times

July 21 - 26

Pot Luck Dinner
July 20 5:30 PM

Sunday Morning Service
July 21 10:30AM

Evening Services
July 21 - 26 7:00PM

Evening Tea Room
After Evening Services

Bible Study
July 22 - 26

Youth Camp Registration
July 21

July 22 - 26
9am – 11am

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Please contact an executive board member or officer:

John McRorie, President Email John P: 513-504-7066

John McRorie, Vice President

Claire Cloutier, Secretary

John Stohlman, Treasurer Email John

Tammy Butner, Board Member

Ernest Carle, Board Member

Rachelle Cox, Board Member

Steve Cox, Board Member

Mike Halkiu, Board Member

Doug Horner, Board Member

Brandi LeRoy, Board Member

Scott Palmer, Board Member

Tonya Richardson, Board Member

Mailing Address:

Big Lake Campmeeting Assn.
PO Box 762
West Chester, OH 45071

Physical Address:

229 Big Lake Road
Big Lake Township / Princeton Maine, 04668